Saturday, January 9, 2010

Confection Chronicles: The Lollipop Fairy House

Ellie turned 4 on December 28th but the last few years I have decided to wait a couple of weeks before we have her birthday party, ya know just to give us all a little breather after Christmas. Who knows if I'll always get away with it but for now it's good. We had Ellie's party today. Nothing big just 4 little girls from church, a couple cousins, and her G-ma and G-pa Moss. They watched Tinkerbell, made candy necklaces with fondant charms, ate cake and Ice cream, and opened presents. So glad to have it over with. I have been working on her cake for about a week mostly just working on the detail work. I thought I had most the time consuming things done but I still ended up with only 2 hours of sleep last night. I'm not complaining at all. I had the funnest time I've had in a long time. Ellie has been asking for a flower fairy cake since March of last year. She really liked my 10 year olds cake at the time and literally asked when I was making her birthday cake weekly from March to December. Anyways, I don't have the energy for a blow by blow here so I'll just give you the pics. Enjoy!