Monday, April 20, 2009

Confection Chronicles: The Cakes of Christmas Presents

FIRST OF ALL I have to Post a CORRECTION. I can't believe I did this but, I mixed up my second and third cake. Aubrey's birthday comes AFTER Isaac's which means that Lightning McQueen came before the Groovy Girls. As if it really matters but... there ya go.

So, nine months after the GROOVY GIRLS came the cakes of Christmas Presents for Ellie's Second Birthday which happens to be on December 28th. By this time I was so sick of trying to find a good cake recipe that I just decided to buy the cake at the store and put the fondant on it myself. So I ordered a large sheet cake with chocolate mousse filling from Costco. I specifically ordered it frosted smooth with no piped edge or top. I believe I did tell them I was going to be adding fondant so they wouldn't think I was insane.

I then cut the cake into squares and "wrapped" them in fondant. I then added embellishments like polka dots and bows. This was the first time I had ever made a fondant bow and I do believe that is QUITE OBVIOUS. The party was at my MIL house and consequently I had to transfer all the cakes there by myself. Almost all of them made it there uneventfully except the tallest completely tipped upside down. I did my best to put it back together but It did suffer a little.
My favorite part about this cake is the fondant covered candles that I made. Aren't they cute?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Confection Chronicles: Lightning McQueen!

Going to keep posting past cakes every couple of days just to get them on here and get it over with.

My third cake was this Lightning McQueen cake that I made for my Son Isaac on his fourth birthday.

To this day it is the cake that I am most Proud of.
It has some flaws but I don't care.
I love it because I came up with the design all by myself,
while on my other cakes I use pics of other people's cakes as inspiration.
I never copy exactly but often need a boost to come up with an idea.

Check out these details...

Little Inner Tubes around the Middle layer...
Screws on the bottom layer and Tire Tread on the half tires around the bottom...

The flag on top that I measured, scored, and hand painted...
The placard that I designed to cover the giant hole in the fondant on the front of the cake.

Sometimes mistakes like that really force you to get creative. It's not always a bad thing.

So you can see all the horribly unsmooth fondant on this cake and the many other flaws it has, but all in all I love it! I really hope I get to make it again now that smooth fondant is a cinch.
I just have to wait until someone asks.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Confection Chronicles: The Groovy Girl Cake

Department of Redundancy Department Alert!

If You are my FB friend or a someone that follows my family blog, then I have probably already shown off all my past cake creations to you,

but since this is
Confections of a Sugarholic,
and by name suppose to be about MY confections...

I feel I should start by Chronicling all my past cake crash courses just for good measure.

So Here it Goes!
Since I already featured my First Fondant Cake in my Opening Post, I am starting with my 2nd,

which was
this Groovy Girl Cake I made for my second born daughter Aubrey on her eighth Birthday.

It was really fun, but I remember having so many problems with the fondant.
This is the cake that made me abandon the much suggested method of using corn starch to prevent the fondant from sticking. I found that the cornstarch would not come off the cake once it was finished and sometimes made small clumps that could only be removed with a brush and water. When you add water to fondant it changes the color. You can see on this pic that there are spots of darker purple on the front and even small specks of cornstarch. I'm sure there is a secret to the cornstarch method but I wasn't willing to try it out enough times to get it right. Instead I just started to use shortening and I have never looked back. It works great and never messes up the finished look of your fondant!

In case you just got totally bored with that last paragraph, here's the sum of it...


Other things I learned from this project:
measure out designs before they are applied. A ruler has become a cake decorating necessity for me.

Don't use as much food coloring as you thing you need. The color deepens with time especially on darker colors like the purple on this cake. I suppose the colors aren't so off that it really mattered, But... I could sit any pick it apart forever. At the time I was VERY proud of it (I still am to a lesser degree). What I am still happy about is how much Aubrey and all her Birthday Party guests loved it.

So the supply run down on this is:

3 frosted cakes
10 inch
8 inch
& 6 inch

2 batches Marshmallow Fondant (MM)

3 plastic Groovy Girl Figurines

Silver floral wire

Wilton Flower Fondant Cutter Set

Wilton Circle Fondant Cutter Set

the end of a frosting tip for the 1/4" circles

Friday, April 10, 2009

On an Egg Roll!

So I haven't tried them yet but
On the Top of my Project list,
now that I have no Birthday cakes to make:(,
are CAKE POPS!!!

What the Hay are Cake Pops, you say? (If you know humor me)

Why, its a cake ball on a stick!

What's a cake ball?

I know, I said the same thing when my sister Jena mentioned them to me.

Basically some oh-so-cleverer-than-me girl
(I'm just going to go out on a sexist limb on that one)
figured out how to use her cake scraps by mixing them
with frosting in a bowl and squishing them into balls

and THEN...

(I love this Part)
Covering them with Chocolate.
They look like truffles... only they are cake and frosting all in one bite...


Any Who, I found these

Cake Pops

that I am totally going to make

Easter Egg Cake Pops

So Cute !!!!

Oh and they have Bunnies and Chicks and Lambs, too.

Happy Easter Cake Pops

click here for directions if you are ambitious enough to make them Yourself...
Basic Cake Pops

and then go here to make them all Eastery Cute...
Easter Cake Pops
I'm going to, Even if it is after easter because check out these...
Cupcake Pops
I have a feeling I may be in need of some online supply ordering...
Please let me know if you try them.
I'll keep you posted on my impending mess and results!

Find Number One... Tie Dyed Easter Eggs!

Okay, so this isn't sugar. But can you be more sugar related than


Easter Eggs I've ever Seen!
I Probably won't be making any
because of the constraints of time
Easter is only 2 days away!
But hey I just Had to mention them. Oh and probably the people that made them:
And Looking at these gets my wheels turning...
If this works on eggs, could it possibly work on GUMPASTE..?
Check it out and let me know what you think...

tHis BloWs mY mInD!

Silk-Dyed Eggs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have My Cake and Blog About It Too!

So it has been 2 years since I decided to venture out on an artistic limb and make my first fondant cake. This took me
3 days to finish

Not Bad for a first try but
boy have I learned a lot since then.
Needless to say I wasn't scared off by the feat.
I have since become


with all things cake...
and cupcake...
and frosting...
and filling...

and cookie...

(Cue Dramatic Music)
Yes, My name is Amanda Moss and I'm a

And not because I want to eat sugar ( I do really like that part as well)
but because
I am on a mission to unlock the sugar potential in every bag of C&H that inhabits my pantry.

I want to Mold sugar, Sculpt sugar, Melt sugar, Beat sugar, Whip sugar, Bake sugar...
All I can do to help
sugar be at it's BEST...
In my Opinion sugar at it's VERY best takes on one form...


But this blog will not only be about me and my attempts to make cake but all the many wonderful things I come across that feed my addiction and keep me wanting more...ideas, tools, supplies, recipes...ect.

This is going to be SWEET!