Thursday, December 31, 2009

Confection Chronicles: The Union Pacific Railroad Retirement Cake

I finally have them...Photos of my Dad's retirement cake. And after I post them I think they will be the only pictures of a Union Pacific Railroad cake that exist on the web. At least at the time I was making it I could not get even one hit on a Union Pacific Railroad Cake. I made this cake in Paris, Idaho at my auntie Tanja's house. She kindly offered me her kitchen so that I could keep the cake a surprise. My sister Jena helped me bake and mix fondant. So for a couple of days we were gone all day. Needless to say my dad was getting kind of nosy. My mom kept telling him that we were at a Bear Lake High alumni party. I think in the end he figured it out but I know he was still surprised once he saw the finished result. My Dad worked his fingers to the bone for the Union Pacific Railroad and I was so glad that we had this party for him. He definitely deserved a celebration. I'm not sure if the concept quite worked but I had Andy build me this cake stand so that it would look like the cake was tipping over. Then I planted a golf ball in the side of the cake to symbolize funner things doing away with all the hard work. In the end I ran out of time to make it really polished and perfect but I was still happy with the finished product. And I got to use Sugar Veil which has got to be the best cake decorating medium that exists. The Chef at Bear Lake West even asked me to be his cake lady. I was super flattered but told him that would be a little impossible considering I live in Oregon. Oh well, the thought was nice.
Here are some more pics of the details...

Confection Chronicles: The Four Tiered Wedding Cake

So I haven't made a cake since the last week in September when I made this...

A wedding cake for my husband's cousin's daughter, Danielle Wood Craig. I made it in a little Kitchenette in Lake Tahoe. I will be kicking myself for the rest of my life that I didn't remember to take a picture of that kitchen. Not only was I happy with the cake because of the way it looked in the end but I was very proud at being able to accomplish it under almost any circumstances. I just kept thinking of Julia Child and her first kitchen, which was tiny. Women back in the day didn't have enormous kitchens with tons of counter space. If she could manage then so could I...and somehow I did. I was so nervous about the extremely high altitude (7000 ft) but it didn't end up making the slightest bit of difference, in fact the cake was the best tasting I have ever made, before and since. I was sitting by my sister-in-law Lynda when I finished my piece and suddenly I was overcome with giddiness..."Lynda", I said, "that was the best piece of cake I have ever tasted and I can't believe I made it." She doesn't eat sugar so she picked up her plate, smelled the cake and said, "That is the best piece of cake I have ever smelled." But the most important thing is that the bride and groom were thrilled. I can't wait to make another wedding cake. They are so nerve wracking and rewarding all at once. Kind of like a wedding in general I guess.