Monday, August 31, 2009

Sugar Hiatus!

So I decided I would post this to let you all know that I am on a Sugar hiatus right now. I am TRYING to get all these pesky extra pounds off and unfortunately that means no more cake for fun. Only cake for work. I did a cake for my Dad for his Retirement but I didn't take my camera and am at the mercy of those that did to send me a disk. My sister said she would. I will blog about it when I get it...don't anyone hold your breath. It could be awhile. I am gearing up to do a gift box cake for a baby shower on the 26th of September and I am also preparing to do a cake for a wedding in Lake Tahoe that same day. The wedding cake is going to be beautiful! My first four tiered cake and my first square cake. The baby shower cake will be my first gift box cake. Nothing I foresee to be too hard. Famous last words, right?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Confection Chronicles: The Little Sweet Pea Birthday Cake

So I had a little cake break for a few weeks. It was nice to take a breather. That Godzilla cake sort of tweaked me a little. It was kind of unsettling to make a cake with that I-just-started-I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing feeling. I hadn't had that feeling in a long time. Besides, Boys cakes just aren't as fun to make. But what can ya do? I can't go into business for just girls...

So to my delight, I received a request for a little girl cake from a friend of mine, Miss Debbie, who wanted to take one to her Granddaughter that turned One on August 2nd. She calls her little granddaughter "Sweet Pea" and wanted me to make a Sweet Pea Cake.

Most the Sweet Pea cakes I have ever looked at have babies in a pea pod on them, so I thought it might be cute to make one that looked like the baby had come out of the pod and grown up a little.
As I said before, A Sculptor I am not but I'm improving. When I told my two oldest children what I was doing I received a couple of "Okay, if you think you can do that" accompanied by looks of concern... Nice Kids, huh? I guess all their "Faith" in me stems from the fact that they saw me trying to make a little boy for the Godzilla cake. You see, I had originally planned to put a little boy by the Godzilla cake looking up in awe at Godzilla but really I just ran out of time. I thought the little boy looked older two girls just laughed. Maybe I'll post a pic sometime. I still have the head.

But I digress... in spite of my poor sculpting skills and my limited knowledge of sweet peas ( I didn't realize they actually grow peas. I just thought they were flowers. Why don't we eat them if they grow actual peas?), I made the Sweet Pea cake Miss Debbie requested. She wanted pea pods on her cake and so pea pods she got.
I seem to have misplaced my camera and strongly suspect that it has been stolen. So here are the pics, taken on my cell phone:( Sorry!
I apologize for the horrible pics. I asked Miss Debbie to
take lots of photos. Hopefully the cake will make it to the
party's driving for 10 hours. I have my fingers crossed.