Monday, August 31, 2009

Sugar Hiatus!

So I decided I would post this to let you all know that I am on a Sugar hiatus right now. I am TRYING to get all these pesky extra pounds off and unfortunately that means no more cake for fun. Only cake for work. I did a cake for my Dad for his Retirement but I didn't take my camera and am at the mercy of those that did to send me a disk. My sister said she would. I will blog about it when I get it...don't anyone hold your breath. It could be awhile. I am gearing up to do a gift box cake for a baby shower on the 26th of September and I am also preparing to do a cake for a wedding in Lake Tahoe that same day. The wedding cake is going to be beautiful! My first four tiered cake and my first square cake. The baby shower cake will be my first gift box cake. Nothing I foresee to be too hard. Famous last words, right?

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