Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Confection Chronicles: Cupcakes 5 ways!

First off, is the music on this blog starting to bug anyone else? Everytime I come on here I find myself in a rush to turn the volume off before I even hear the first note. Maybe I'll have to see if I can make the music optional.

I said I was going to be decorating cupcakes this summer and after all the fun I had making the sandcastle cupcake, I wanted to get started right away. On Monday I defrosted about 10 cupcakes to use as family night refreshments. But there was no way I was just going to slap some frosting on them and call them good, Me? So first off I cut out some more cupcake wrappers using my template I made for the sandcastle cupcake. I used the wrappers as the guide for the decor.
TA DA...
The other 5 were decorated like the bottom one. They were mostly snickerdoodle cupcakes ( I had 1 tomato soup cupcake left) that I made from Martha Stewart's recipe. All of her recipes that I have tried lately have been fabulous. She has a new cupcake book out that I am now dying to get my hands on. First things first...this week I am making cupcakes, cookies, and a GODZILLA cake that my nephew has requested for his Birthday (can't wait to see how I figure that one out), all for the 4th. I'm so anxious to try out my wafer paper and more of my cutie striped cupcake liners that all just happened to show up at my door in the middle of all this cupcakery. Yay! So much to do, so little time.

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  1. Yes, the music is annoying. i also rush to turn it off.
    The cupcakes are adorable. The flower are just amazing. And Nat says he wants you to make him a sancastle cupcake. So cute! (the cupcake and Nat) I can't wait to see the godzilla cake.