Thursday, July 9, 2009

Confection Chronicles: Firework Cookies!

Side note...if you still want to listen to the music player I had posted, it's still on here, it's just at the very bottom and you'll have to scroll down all the way to activate it. It was driving me CRAZY!

So this week we celebrated TWO birthdays... America's (Yay, I Love America) and my nephew Branson's. I made a Gozilla cake for Branson but first things first...I made really cool firework cookies for "I" day. Yes, I used the vintage print wafer papers that I raved about in my earlier post and Yes, they are even cuter in person. I ALWAYS use the sugar cookie recipe that my mom used when I was growing up. I have tried countless others and I just can't find a better one. I frosted them all with almond flavored royal colorflow icing. Not the BEST tasting but still pretty good. If you want a really smashingly decorated cookie, you gotta use it. Check out all these babies.

I originally thought we would be having a big family get together. I ended up being only our family and Andy's parents. All of us Adults are on diets. So needless to say I had way too many cookies. But I really enjoyed looking at them and come on, if I told you I didn't fall off the wagon and eat at least 1, okay 2, Okay 6 of these cookies, I would be a big liar. And as George Washington said...Never tell a lie! Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

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