Friday, April 10, 2009

On an Egg Roll!

So I haven't tried them yet but
On the Top of my Project list,
now that I have no Birthday cakes to make:(,
are CAKE POPS!!!

What the Hay are Cake Pops, you say? (If you know humor me)

Why, its a cake ball on a stick!

What's a cake ball?

I know, I said the same thing when my sister Jena mentioned them to me.

Basically some oh-so-cleverer-than-me girl
(I'm just going to go out on a sexist limb on that one)
figured out how to use her cake scraps by mixing them
with frosting in a bowl and squishing them into balls

and THEN...

(I love this Part)
Covering them with Chocolate.
They look like truffles... only they are cake and frosting all in one bite...


Any Who, I found these

Cake Pops

that I am totally going to make

Easter Egg Cake Pops

So Cute !!!!

Oh and they have Bunnies and Chicks and Lambs, too.

Happy Easter Cake Pops

click here for directions if you are ambitious enough to make them Yourself...
Basic Cake Pops

and then go here to make them all Eastery Cute...
Easter Cake Pops
I'm going to, Even if it is after easter because check out these...
Cupcake Pops
I have a feeling I may be in need of some online supply ordering...
Please let me know if you try them.
I'll keep you posted on my impending mess and results!


  1. I don't know if you read Pioneer Woman's blog, but she had "Bakerells" come and make these pops, step by step with pics and everything. It is awesome. You can probably figure them out by yourself, but for the untalented like me, I loved all the pics and step by step instructions.
    Can't wait to see YOUR creations!

  2. yes, I have the links to the instructions on here. I Love Pioneer woman. The next thing I have to do is post all my blog favs. That is going to take awhile.
    Thanks for coming on here and leaving comments. It's so nice to have feedback.