Thursday, April 16, 2009

Confection Chronicles: Lightning McQueen!

Going to keep posting past cakes every couple of days just to get them on here and get it over with.

My third cake was this Lightning McQueen cake that I made for my Son Isaac on his fourth birthday.

To this day it is the cake that I am most Proud of.
It has some flaws but I don't care.
I love it because I came up with the design all by myself,
while on my other cakes I use pics of other people's cakes as inspiration.
I never copy exactly but often need a boost to come up with an idea.

Check out these details...

Little Inner Tubes around the Middle layer...
Screws on the bottom layer and Tire Tread on the half tires around the bottom...

The flag on top that I measured, scored, and hand painted...
The placard that I designed to cover the giant hole in the fondant on the front of the cake.

Sometimes mistakes like that really force you to get creative. It's not always a bad thing.

So you can see all the horribly unsmooth fondant on this cake and the many other flaws it has, but all in all I love it! I really hope I get to make it again now that smooth fondant is a cinch.
I just have to wait until someone asks.

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  1. This looks great!! I'm about to work on a Lightning McQueen cake and was just looking around to see detailed pics of him and came across your cake. I hope mine turns out this good!