Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have My Cake and Blog About It Too!

So it has been 2 years since I decided to venture out on an artistic limb and make my first fondant cake. This took me
3 days to finish

Not Bad for a first try but
boy have I learned a lot since then.
Needless to say I wasn't scared off by the feat.
I have since become


with all things cake...
and cupcake...
and frosting...
and filling...

and cookie...

(Cue Dramatic Music)
Yes, My name is Amanda Moss and I'm a

And not because I want to eat sugar ( I do really like that part as well)
but because
I am on a mission to unlock the sugar potential in every bag of C&H that inhabits my pantry.

I want to Mold sugar, Sculpt sugar, Melt sugar, Beat sugar, Whip sugar, Bake sugar...
All I can do to help
sugar be at it's BEST...
In my Opinion sugar at it's VERY best takes on one form...


But this blog will not only be about me and my attempts to make cake but all the many wonderful things I come across that feed my addiction and keep me wanting more...ideas, tools, supplies, recipes...ect.

This is going to be SWEET!


  1. Wow! That was your first attempt?? You probably don't remember my pathetic cupcake I made when you taught our class, but it was really bad... and this is what you turn out your first time? Incredible. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations :D

  2. Love the blog...or I will. You have a great start and are a truly great writer. :)