Thursday, May 21, 2009

Confection Chronicles: The Bloody Pirate Cake

I'm not swearing!
I'm referring to the way that my son, Isaac's birthday cake looked on the inside.
The first layer was red velvet, the bottom layer was white chocolate, and the middle layer was a mixture of the two. I wanted it to look like
the top layer had
into the middle layer.
What do you think?
Did I pull it off?

What a busy month it was between Susan's wedding and Aubrey's birthday only 5 weeks later. Not only did I have Sariah's party and cake to do but Isaac's as well, and those two in the same week. I offered to do a
BIG Elaborate Pirate Cake
for Isaac if he would wait a week to have his party
but having the patience of a Kindergartner he opted for the less Exciting one layer cake that I all but cake lifted off of the Sweet Tooth Fairy's web site.

I made cupcakes too...

Not bad, huh? Considering I had to pull together a party for a crowd as well.
This cake actually takes the record for speed, only 5 hours.
Someday I do hope to do the Big Elaborate pirate cake I had envisioned,
with a treasure chest and sword...
but who knows?
Around here we always seem to move on to bigger and better things.
But whatever my son comes up with in the future will definitely be influenced by me,
I totally want another excuse to make a bleeding cake.

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