Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Confection Chronicles: THE COSTCO CAKE

The Cowgirl cake,
The Lightning McQueen Cake,
The Groovy Girl Cake,
and The Cakes of Christmas Presents were all big feats for a girl like me that had NEVER decorated cakes like them before. So the next year I was tired. And really felt like I had gotten the cake making bug out of my system. I made my daughter Sariah this really simple cake after she basically begged me.I forced myself to make this cake for Isaac as well. I hated every minute of it. Even though it was the first time while making a cake that I realized it would get easier the more I did it. And I really thought to myself that I didn't want to do it anymore. But still...
I offered to make Aubrey whatever she wanted but she flabbergasted me by saying, "Mom, can I please just have a Costco cake for my Birthday? I really just want a Costco cake." Okay? Most kids would kill for a custom made cake. And not many mothers would bend over backwards and spend literally days crafting out of Sugar whatever their child's imagination could dream up, only to have it destroyed after a measly hour of appreciation? But FINE! if She wanted a COSTCO cake, then that's what she would get. I regret it but I didn't even take any pictures of her Costco cake. Yes, I have to say my feelings were hurt. I suppose in hindsight I owe her because after her rejection I told myself I WOULD keep making cakes. After all, the next Birthday wasn't for another 9 months, plenty of time to rest up and remotivate, Right? So when Ellie's Birthday rolled around I was ready, willing, and excited to make her a cake. And the Princess cake was born. This time I really enjoyed myself. This time my children seemed a lot more impressed and eager to be recipients of my cake projects. Suddenly I find myself wishing I could make cake constantly. Unexpectedly, somewhere along the way I have become addicted to cake decorating.
I am now on a fast track to learn every cake making skill known to man. And I won't stop until I am satisfied that there is NO cake on the planet I could not make. I'm so EXCITED!

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  1. Your cakes are all beautiful! ...and I LOVE your profile picture!