Saturday, May 30, 2009

Confection Chronicles: Memorial Day Cupcakes

I am most undoubtedly on the road to driving all my relatives CRAZY! By now
has to be going through their minds every time I show up with my latest experiments. Especially since I used to pride myself on bringing a variety of goodies, often new and exciting.
Not Anymore!
Now I am searching for ANY excuse to make cake.
No event is too small.
So of coarse Memorial Day was a big enough holiday to crack out my flower cutters
and spend hours sculpting roses.
I'm so In Love!
All I can say is that I must not have played with playdough enough as a kid or something. Puzzling!
But I guess when one is in school, one must study.
And when one is the teacher AND the student one must Really study.
It wasn't a waste of time.
I got two events out of these cupcakes...

The Memorial Day BBQ AND Girl's Night out.
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake with Mexican Vanilla Buttercream, topped with a Sparkly MM Fondant Rose=
So I hear you (insert insignificant event here).
Wait right there, I'm bringing cake!

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