Monday, May 18, 2009

I Love Sweetness in all forms!

Okay, this is the sweetest costume I've ever seen. I would seriously make it if I thought Ellie would wear it for one minute. Darn it!
I found this on the "All Things Cupcake" site (it's on my blog list) You can purchase it there for a whopping $120!!!
If it were me I would just make it myself. I Love the big bow on top! The whole thing is so cute. I almost want to take a bite.


  1. Wow that is crazy. Sorry I don't do blog design, wish I did, I have run across this lady that does she might do good. Wish I could you have you make Hattie a cake for her birthday. How fun that you can make fancy cakes.

  2. Hey, I looovvveeedd the costume. I am looking for it every where online and cant catch it yet. I want to order it for my 2 year old girl. I contacted ppl in all things cupcake but thy couldnt recall it.. any ideA?

  3. It's from :)