Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Confection Chronicles: The Diaper Bag Cake

Okay, so I honestly have to say I just completed the funnest cake project I've ever done. I basically forced my way into this cake job because I was just dying to make a baby shower cake. I told my friend Amy that I would be seriously offended if she didn't allow me to make it. I think the word "Please" was used about a dozen times. She caved and I really hope she didn't regret it. She herself is a baker extraordinaire and she makes it really hard to bake ANYTHING that tastes anywhere as good as her stuff does. The Baby shower theme was baby blocks so we originally were thinking baby block cakes would be cute. But after looking at a few baby shower cake pics online, I had my own ideas...I NEEDED to make a Diaper Bag Cake. How cute could that be? I was luckily making a supply order for the wedding cupcakes the very next day and was able to get things for the diaper bag cake too.

It turned out so cute, if I do say so myself. (front)

(after I took these pics I put the pacifier in the middle pocket)
The weather was really humid which made my fondant all very soft. I was just very grateful that it wasn't the first cake I had ever made, or I would have been in deep trouble. I basically had to force the fondant to do everything I wanted it to. Luckily I had a little bit of gumpaste (like fondant but dries stiffer) left over from the wedding cupcakes. I was able to make...

A rattle.

Baby utensils.

A pacifier (a dummy tit, as my Irish friend Shelagh calls it).

A Bib.

A Zipper.

Baby Shoes.
The only problem with having a cake like this is that NOBODY wanted to cut it. I had to force them by threatening to never make a cake for them again. I would make cake out of Styrofoam if noone was ever going to eat it. My friends were all suggesting that the guest of honor simply keep it on her shelf for days and look at it. What??? "We're going to have to bag that Idea", I said. Cakes are meant to be eaten. That is their purpose. Cakes like to be looked at and admired and then cut up and devoured. That way they make everyone happy TWICE!


  1. That is probably the cutest cake I have EVER seen!

  2. It was beautiful. So hard to watch you take it apart, but at least we'll always have pictures to remember it by and yes it made me smile when I ate it. It was justas tasty as it was beautiful. I'll have to send you the pictures of the kiddies eating it:)

  3. Wow, I can't believe it's a cake. You are so talented.

  4. Okay, I am friends with Kathy Wiley, and she told me to look at your site a few months ago. And oh my heck, I love this cake of the baby bag. You are amazing. Are you available for hire. My heck, I am going to share this site with everyone I know. You are one talented lady! Kepp it up!