Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Confection Chronicles: A+ Teacher Cupcakes!

So FINALLY we are down to the last couple days of school. I am in the midst of making 150 wedding cupcakes right now, and needless to say quite busy. The kids made thank-you cards last night for family night. I was thinking that was going to be more than I usually give the teachers (I'm not always the most thoughtful person) but my son expressed a desire to give a gift. Well, not wanting to spend the $ or take the time to go hunt down teacher gifts, I decided to use what I had in bounteous supply before me...cupcakes.
I grabbed some of my white fondant that I always have on hand and colored it to match the cards. I sculpted an apple and cut out a few flowers...
Then I used a stamp that I had to make the little placards reading "A+" and "#1 Teacher".
They turned out pretty cute for a spur of the moment gesture. So much so that I'm fighting the urge to make some for ALL the staff at the school.
"Amanda, You don't have time."
That's me, talking to myself.
All this sugar is going to my brain.


  1. Those are so adorable. I think i'll start calling you Betty Crocker.

  2. So cute! and so much more thoughtful than a token gift. Love it!