Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goodies Goodies Everywhere!

I found the cutest cupcake kit. I found it on clearance at FRED MEYER (a department store here in the west) of all places. It's by a woman named Elinor Klivans. It comes with a pastry bag, a few decorating tips, a recipe/tip/ idea book, and oodles of totally cute cupcake liners in mini and standard sizes.
I've already learned some awesome tips from her book that just helped me make the best cupcakes I've EVER made. It's nice to know a little "science" behind what makes cake turn out.

Like I said, I got mine on clearance but when I Googled "cupcake kit Elinor Klivans" I found tons of sites offering them anywhere from $10 to $20.
Speaking of sites...
I just spent days hunting down supplies for a few up and coming cake jobs that I have. There are so many sites that are huge and seem to offer everything your heart can desire BUT...
after ordering a hydrangea cutter from one such Huge site and agreeing to pay MORE for expedited shipping than the price of the cutter, they called me a COUPLE days later to tell me that they were out of stock. Annoying! So I did another search and I found this Sweet Little Site ran by the sweetest lady, Jennifer Dontz, who has turned out to be as talented at customer service as she is at cake art. Her site offers a beautiful cake gallery, tutorial DVDs, cake classes, and a very well thought out offering of cake supplies. And they have the cutter I was looking for at a better price, and reasonably shipped...Go figure?
I'm a Total FAN! Anyways, I added her to my "Sites to See" list. Check her out.
Now I get to make 150 wedding cupcakes this week. Wish me luck!

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