Sunday, June 14, 2009

Confection Chronicles: Lavender and Yellow Wedding Cupcakes.

So about a month ago I received a call from a friend of the family asking me if I could make sheet cake for his daughter's up coming wedding. He explained that she had someone making her cake but that they were expecting a lot of attendees and needed more cake to serve.
I, being my speak my mind self, promptly informed him that sheet cake is so yesterday. The current trend is to serve cupcakes at weddings. Some brides even choose to have only cupcakes or just a small cake topper and cupcakes for the rest. So he agreed to let me do my thing. I met with the bride and went over some ideas and looked at some online pics. She chose monogrammed hearts, butterflies, and hydrangeas in shades of lavender and yellow. White chocolate almond and triple chocolate cake topped with Italian Buttercream icing were the flavors she chose.
When I was told that the lady making the cake was a woman that runs the local pastry college and has been decorating cakes for 35 years, I was a little intimidated, okay a lot intimidated, but in the end our work matched really well and I held my own. I even PREFERRED the taste of my cake. They were very different styles, hers being very French. Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries so I didn't get pics of the wedding cake. I had to keep some of my cupcakes to take pics of the next day after my battery had charged.
So 150 wedding cupcakes later, I am totally hooked on cupcakes. They are so fun!


  1. Those cupcakes were so amazing AND so delicious! You are so talented. Every little detail was perfect. Way to go!

  2. I think wedding cake cupcakes are a splendid idea! These cupcakes are adorable! I think this is a great alternative to traditional wedding cakes that gives your reception a little extra something special.